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Don’t let hauling wastewater strain your bottom line

Hauling wastewater isn’t cheap.

What if you could decrease those costs by half?

You can do that with SludgeGuard, our bulk waste solidifying products.

Here’s what our clients say about these products:

  • they appreciably reduce disposal costs;
  • because it’s so highly absorbent, it reduces the amount of waste discharged to the environment by up to 50%;
  • significantly reduces the weight and volume of sludge;
  • environmental conservation is exponentially increased because the quality of the sludge is improved.

We offer two bulk solidifying products.


  • Has an average absorption factor 5-10:1 and weight 3.5 lbs./cubic foot.
  • Compare that to corn cobs, fly ash and sawdust with an average absorption factor 1:1, weight will vary depending on water content (the more water the lower the absorption factor)
  • Compare it to clay which weights 25lbs/cubic foot making it significantly more costly to dispose of and has average absorption: 3:1.


  • Has an absorption capacity of as much as 4:1 by weight.
  • Compare that to 1:1 for sawdust, corn cobs or kiln dust.
  • Because of SludgeGuard-100’s reduced weight and its high efficiency, solidified waste creates less product to transport and dispose of.
  • Example: 500 lbs. of SludgeGuard-100 will absorb and solidify about (1) ton of sludgy waste. Whereas it takes at least 2000 lbs. of sawdust to do the same job.

On average, one truck load of SludgeGuard will treat what it takes 5-10 truckloads of sawdust and wood pellets to treat.

SludgeGuard outperforms all other products on the market.

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Since 1992 Guardian has helped customers enhance their overall safety and productivity by providing practical and time-saving spill response and bulk solidification products.