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Leaking feed lines

Leaking feed lines…

Meet Henry, Henry’s job is to keep leaking feed lines from becoming a problem.

Why would leaking feed lines be a problem?  Because the feed lines supplied not only lubricating oils to the plant, but some also carried a few highly flammable liquids including reactive chemicals.  Keeping these leaks under control required not only stopping the leak, but also absorbing and collecting what had already been spilled.

Henry remembered seeing some very interesting products on a website for Guardian Environmental Technologies, including a product called “PetroGuard Pillows”.  So, Henry ordered a pallet (48) of these little beauties and made them available in the warehouse to respond to those pesky leakers.

He also made it known around the plant that these pillows were available to response crews for instant reaction to a spill, especially around the fueling docks.

PetroGuard hazmat absorbent pillows are constructed of brightly colored polypropylene cloth, reinforced at the edges and filled with premier solidifying absorbent. This is not your average absorbent pillow, because it is filled with PetroGuard, the true solidifying absorbent for hazardous and reactive chemicals.

Talk about cost savings.  Henry and his team quickly found that one of those new 24”x24” pillows would absorb up to 3 gallons of hazardous liquid.  He also noted that these pillows were available in larger sizes like 3’ X 3’ or 4’ by 4’ or even custom sizes.

This was a win-win for Henry and his team.  These new pillows were great. Handling the pillows after they had absorbed to capacity was much easier and safer because they didn’t drip or release liquid like polypropylene does.  Nor did they swell up over 27 times their original size like some other products do.  This made disposal a piece of cake.

Henry’s job now became easier, saved the company money and reduced his man-hours to allow him to attend to other important tasks.

PetroGuard pillows are a response product that absorb on a molecular level called “enhanced molecular capture”. This process is essentially irreversible.  Which means that once absorbed, chemicals like the ones Henry deals with are permanently solidified.  Meaning they can no longer release liquid chemical even under pressure.

Using PetroGuard pillows will enhance the efficiency of your operations and save you time and money.  So, before you end up with an even bigger problem, give us a call 860 350-2200.