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Oil Sheen Headache

Oil Sheen Headaches

Oil sheen headaches.

Are you having trouble removing oil sheen and rainbow from a body of water, which may have critical implications when leading to public waters?

Local and Federal regulators can get very perturbed if they discover oil sheens on waters flowing into streams or rivers. They also can get very annoyed at seeing rainbows at marinas and boat docks, not to mention commercial fueling facilities and the like. These annoyances can be translated into heavy fines and penalties.

As we all know, polypropylene booms and pads have impressive absorption capacities. However, they unfortunately will not hold the oil or prevent re-release. This means that a pillow or boom that has been fully saturated will release oil when handled or when subjected to pressure. In addition, absorbent pillows should not swell or increase in size. That unpleasant feature makes some absorbents’ disposal more expensive: more volume equals more to dispose which equals more expense.

However, there is a way of warding off this unpleasantness, and that is with SheenGuard pillows and blankets. SheenGuard pillows and blankets will lock or hold the oil in a process called “enhanced molecular capture”. SheenGuard pillows and blankets are designed to remain floating in all kinds of conditions, will last a long time (high capacity) and will not spill oil back into the water during change-out operations.

And did we mention they absorb instantly…no waiting around for them to work. The outer cover is strong and abrasion resistant meaning it will hold up under harsh conditions. In addition, the pillows can be attached to a containment boom to absorb transient oil that gets past the boom.

So, if you want to get rid of at least one headache, Switch to SheenGuard.

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