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PetroGuard Chemical Spill Absorbent

PetroGuard® chemical spill absorbent is quick!

Known for its speed, quality, efficiency, and absorption capacity of over 4:1, PetroGuard makes chemical spill clean up of water reactive chemicals faster, safer and more cost effective.PetroGuard Chemical Spill Absorbent

With PetroGuard, common water reactive chemicals, hazardous hydrocarbons and silicone-based chemicals are quickly and efficiently:

  • Absorbed
  • Encapsulated (will not release under pressure)
  • Solidified
  • Immobilized
  • Stabilized

Because PetroGuard acts so quickly, hydrolyzing is minimized/eliminated, reducing the risk of fire, explosion, and inhalation of toxic fumes.

Overall PetroGuard efficiently reduces operational costs because:

  • It rapidly absorbs. Other polymers take up to 20 minutes to effectively absorb.
  • As a loose granular you use only what you need reducing waste and disposal costs
  • Flammable or toxic vapor production is reduced or eliminated
  • The absorbed chemical becomes impervious to water
  • Clean-up is safer, requires less manpower and minimizes production downtime
  • Exposure time to hazardous chemical is significantly reduced
  • It has a low volumetric increase of <=15% and rapidly absorbs. Other polymers swell <=27%.
  • It is non-leaching and non-exothermic
  • It is easily disposed of by incineration or landfill

Example of organics absorbed and immobilized by PetroGuard chemical spill absorbent include:

  • Chlorosilanes
  • Triclorosilane
  • Titanium tetrachloride
  • Butyltrichlorosilane
  • Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Ethyl acetate
  • Trichloroethylene
  • Styrene
  • Naphtha

Suggested Methods of Application

Using a scoop or shovel, manually apply PetroGuard to the surface of the liquid chemical.  Use an industrial blower for larger standing spills.

Click here for a list of water reactive chemicals:

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PetroGuard Packaging Options

PG55 PetroGuard: 55-gallon drum (100 lbs)
PG5P PetroGuard: 5-gallon pail (10 lbs)
PG40 PetroGuard: 40 cubic foot bulk box/bag (600 lbs)

Watch PetroGuard tackle TiCl4

Watch PetroGuard tackle Chlorosilane