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reactive chemicals

Reactive chemicals – anticipating what might go wrong.

Anticipating what might go wrong can be nerve wracking.  However, when you work with reactive chemicals it’s a necessary evil that must be done to keep your labor force safe.

Being prepared means you have a layered approach to your plan, and it is tested regularly.  You conduct drills, hold regular preparedness training, and use the best technologies.

But are you sure you are as prepared as you can be?

For example, when was the last time you updated your chemical spill absorbent products?

Are they the highest quality chemical spill products designed specifically for the reactive chemicals you work with? Or are they the same old products your facility has used for years?

When it comes to keeping your labor force safe there are no shortcuts.

Which is why we what to make you aware of our upcoming webinar about using PetroGuard as a chemical spill control product in your facility response plan.

Join me on September 16, 2021, at 1PM ET to learn how our specialty chemical spill control product, PetroGuard, which is designed to work with specific reactive chemicals, will keep your labor force and the surrounding communities safer.

Want a list of reactive chemicals PetroGuard will quickly encapsulate and solidify?  Click here.

BTW if you can’t make it the day of the webinar register anyway, and you’ll get access to the recording.

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