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SheenGuard Oil Absorbent Sheen Removal Blanket

Stop Overreacting to Oil Sheen

Stop overreacting to oil sheen and be part of the rainbow revolution.

A rainbow oil sheen on water can be a persistent problem for facility managers and it often puts them into overreaction mode.

There are numerous skimmers, devices and inventions designed to remove standing oil from spills and every day oil leaks at power plants, production facilities and refineries. Some devices call for sand filtration and the use of ozone to change the characteristic of the oil.  Other techniques use fabrics of various kinds that will gather up the oil and contain it for discharge later.

We all know the federal Water Pollution Control Act prohibits discharge of oily water into navigable waters.  The mere presence of an oil film or sheen on the surface of the water that is discharged into navigable waters is a violation of that act with penalties that can be in the thousands of dollars.

Tech Briefs claims that “Currently, it is very near impossible to remove oil sheen from water. Typically, a sheen of oil remains after most of the spilled oil is recovered and removed from a body of water. The current methods consist of using materials made from polypropylene such as oil absorbent pads to remove as much oil as possible or to vacuum the water and oil mixture into a vessel for proper disposal. Typical methods will leave a small amount of oil that is commonly visible as a sheen.”

Well, those tech briefs are wrong. There is a way to stop overreacting to oil sheen with a product that removes every last trace of oil sheen after the standing oil is removed. This product is called “SheenGuard” and it is fool proof at getting rid of persistent rainbow and sheen.

SheenGuard products absorb and encapsulate the sheen through “Enhanced Molecular Capture.” This means the sheen is permanently and instantly removed where it cannot be reintroduced back into the water, as is common with polypropylene. Instantly means that there is no wait time to absorb the oil, even though it is only a few microns thick.

SheenGuard products are simply placed on the surface of the water, moored to a stable point, and placed where the film or rainbow is sure to come into contact with the product. And SheenGuard products are virtually “unsinkable”, which means you can keep them in place for long periods of time before requiring change-out.  We can even custom design SheenGuard products to cover difficult water discharges, like the one in the photo.

So, join the “Rainbow Revolution” and keep the rainbow sheen off our waters.

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