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Spill Clean-up Preparedness

Have you fallen into the “all-purpose” absorbent trap for spill clean-up?

There is no such thing as one cheap, quick, and efficient all-purpose spill absorbent.

Though all spills require immediate attention, what you use in the spill clean-up process can save you substantial time and money.  And in today’s fast paced business environment, the more efficient and targeted the spill control product, the less product you need to use.  And efficiency always equals increased productivity.

All-purpose never works because each constituent that needs to be absorbed has its own targeted need.

An oil spill is significantly different than an oil sheen. A sheen is difficult to pick up and it needs something specific to permanently remove the rainbow or sheen.

An oil spill requires something that will quickly absorb and hold the oil.

And a reactive chemical spill certainly is too dangerous to ever treat with an all-purpose product.

That’s why specialty clean-up products are the targeted answer.  They have their own magic power to help you in your targeted clean up process.

If you want to ensure you are purchasing the perfect industrial absorbent products for your needs, here are the three suggestions that can save you time and money:

  1. If you need to reduce the operating costs in terms of non-leaching products, there are hazmat and oil absorbent pillows. Our PetroGuard hazmat pillows can help you to save money and labor. Plus, it will cover both oil and/or many chemical spills including reactive chemical spills around your facility.
  2. If your problem is about how to effectively eradicate oil sheen, SheenGuard pillows and blankets are economical and easy to place over your sheen.  They are very long lasting and require very little maintenance efforts from your team. These pillows are best to use in areas such as:
  • Storm drains
  • Fuel or oil ship loading areas
  • Rail loading and unloading
  • Military applications
  • Industrial holding ponds
  • Many more


  1. If you need a product that will keep first responders, workers, facilities and local communities safer, there are few products more valuable than PetroGuard and PetroGuard-D for oil spills! These products will quickly absorb, encapsulate, solidify, immobilize and stabilize any oil or chemical spill you are responding to.

Our PetroGuard products come highly recommended and are sought-after products when it comes to efficiency, speed, quality and absorption rates.

If you are not using specialized products, you may find your company having future problems. Targeted specialized products can absolutely help you improve spill control arsenal.

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