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Facility Response Plan

Does your Facility Response Plan Include a Superhero?

Industrial facilities all over the country send and receive large shipments of hazardous chemicals and oil products every day.  Each facility features systems to comply with federal regulations related to hazardous chemical or oil spills that occur during the loading and off-loading of products, as well as routine facility maintenance. Maybe it’s time you look […]

Does Your Company Have Insurance Against Reactive Chemical Accidents?

Reactive chemicals transported by rail or truck have potential acute health hazards to responders and surrounding neighborhoods.  If an accidental spill or roll over occurs, the result could be catastrophic. Let’s use chlorosilanes as an example of one of those reactive chemicals. Chlorosilanes can release hydrogen as well as hydrogen chloride if spilled.  This makes […]

oil sheen

SheenGuard: The oil sheen predator!

What does an oil sheen floating on the water mean? Oil sheen on a lake or pond might make one think of rainbow puddles in an asphalt parking lot after a rainstorm on a hot summer day. However, the problem can be much more serious. We know that a spill of just one gallon of […]

Reactive chemicals

Dealing With Reactive Chemicals

When we think dangerous chemicals a whole array of compounds come to mind. But, the description of dangerous reactive chemicals is best stated by the University of Iowa Environmental Health and Safety: The category “Reactive” is a term given to a chemical class that displays a broad range of reactions. This category includes explosives, oxidizers, […]

absorbent pillows

Not all hazmat absorbent pillows are created equal!

What is one of the most commonly used tools when there is a small reactive chemical spill or leak during routine maintenance? Generally, hazmat absorbent pillows are the immediate go to for these types of spills and leaks. Pillows are the ideal tool because they can soak up large amounts of fluid. But you can also […]

Oil Sheen

Dealing with Oil Sheen on Water

The USEPA has very specific requirements on reporting oil sheen on water otherwise known as the “Sheen Rule”. Rule Overview: “The Discharge of Oil regulation is more commonly known as the “sheen rule.” Under the Clean Water Act, this rule provides the framework for determining whether an oil spill should be reported to the federal government. […]


With oil production on the upswing, it means that there will also be an increase in drilling waste materials. According to Reuters, more than 144 million barrels of oil were added to hedges, after global oil markets rallied by as much as $13 per barrel in the quarter. Higher prices helped producers lock in profits […]