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Higher oil prices will lead to an explosion of growth in U.S. shale production, according to revised predictions from both OPEC and the IEA.

According to Deloitte, the surge in domestic production of shale gas and tight oil—resulting from the technological advances in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling—has created an unprecedented demand for infrastructure to connect these newfound resources with refineries and processing plants. As a result, the midstream sector, once expected to enter a stage of maturity by 2006, has entered a high-growth phase requiring significant amounts of capital investment to meet growing infrastructure needs.

Along with the infrastructure needs, there will by necessity be a demand for better and more effective response tools to an unintended release from well sites, pipelines and other sensitive areas. In addition, the methods must be available for treating the byproducts from this soon to be booming turnaround in the American oil production industry.

Among some of the excellent products available to the industry are names like PetroGuard-D, SludgeGuard and SheenGuard. In addition, there are some water capturing polymeric solutions like HydroGuard that will keep bulk solidification costs down and increase efficiency. Please Contact us for more information.