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Team up with the right industrial absorbent product and boost your spill control preparedness.


Industrial Absorbant Selecting the right industrial absorbent is more important than ever with OSHA and EPA penalties on the rise.

With the ever-growing complexity of environmental and industrial regulations, you need more than the standard industrial absorbent.

Here are a few keys to consider when you are choosing spill control products.

Don’t fall for the advertising of standard spill control products that try to be everything to everybody, whether the application is hazmat, oil only or universal.

Consider your application and then look for specialty spill control products.  The cost effectiveness will be surprising.

For example:

Specialty absorbents concentrate on specific performance for specific problems.  They go beyond simply absorbing hazardous chemicals or other substances.

Absorbent pillows, blankets and spill kits made with these special absorbents are not your average spill control tool.  They significantly reduce operating costs, are non-leaching and are more absorbent than conventional products.

Don’t get sunk!  Look for specially designed oil sheen removal pillows and blankets that prevent sinking and are non-leaching.  They can easily and cost-effectively be customized to meet your individual needs.

If you experience an oil sheen or rainbow on your holding pond, clarification pond, marina, shipyard, or any area where the presence of oil sheen is likely to occur, look for an oil sheen product that will not leach when handled. This will help you to meet the parameters set by government regulations.

We all know how important and convenient spill kits are for spill control.  They offer safety, ease of clean up and spill control in a convenient package.  But buyer beware! Your needs may be more specific. A spill kit filled with specialty spill control products would ease any doubt.

With or without the rise of regulations and penalties, safety always comes first.  That is why we recommend that you have exactly the right spill control product for the specific needs of your company.

At Guardian Environmental Technologies we pride ourselves on helping our customers choose the right products.  It is our specialty.  Give us a call and see why our customers trust us to provide them with efficient and cost-effective spill control and solidification products, 860 350-2200.